Brainwave (EEG, fNIRS, etc.) & brain-computer interfacing (BCI) research/teaching nonprofit laboratory

About us:

  • The BCI-lab-group team is an EEG & brain-computer interfacing (BCI) research and teaching laboratory
  • The BCI-lab-group team focuses on multisensory BCI experiments - primarily the auditory and tactile modality paradigms (we also experiment with vision, as well as we prepare olfactory and gustatory paradigms in order to develop the future "all-sensory-stimulus-based-BCI"). We develop signal processing, especially data-driven, methods for biomedical signal denoising, analysis and classification

The laboratory research projects cover:

  • Neurotechnology applications & intelligence augmentation (IA)
  • Brain correlates of creativity and dementia
  • Neurotechnology for dementia prevention and prediction
  • Sleep & brain
  • Computational neuroscience practical applications
  • Brain- and human-computer interfacing
  • Multi-sensory brain responses analysis and optimal stimuli development
  • Data-driven multichannel brain and biomedical signal processing
  • AI and deep learning applications to brainwave processing/classification